Dream or Reality (2007)

Krátká práce, která původně vznikla jako úkol na angličtinu a nakonec se z ní stal výherní příspěvek SPUSA Writing Competition, téma: Silence.

Dream or Reality


Is it a dream or reality? I really don’t know. Where’s the border between these two things? It’s something what everybody must find on his own. My path of knowledge is already done. It was beautiful clear weather, the moon was shining on my pathway and I…

This is so beautiful. I though. Cool gentle wind was blowing to my face. All around me was a darkness, the lantern that I held in my hand was the only light, except the moonlight over my head. Silence, silence all around, that could be a good description. Owls didn’t hoot, squirrels didn’t jump in branches of trees. Only sound that I can heard were my own steps.

And suddenly…What is that?! Somewhere in that forest around me I heard something howling.
It was scary and loud howl from the dark deep. I stopped; some kind of power paralyzed me. The lantern nearly fell from my hand; fortunately I caught it in the last second. My heart started to beat quicklier. What can it be? All my sweaty body was shaking; my shaky breath was as fast as a cheetah. I saw a shadow approaching towards me. It’s a man?! That dreadful figure was a little closer. No, it’s something bigger! It was snorting as a dog, but this wasn’t a dog, certainly! Oh my god! It’s a… Short pungent cut and the shadow disappeared the darkness. I stood in the middle of dusty path and confusedly looked at it. „It’s strange,“ I said. I didn’t understand why that cut didn’t bleed.

Today I know what that was. I remember on it with every first moonshine of full moon. That cut changed completely my poor life. Now I know where’s the border, because I can’t reach it. I can’t run from the dream.

Příspěvek byl publikován v rubrice Próza se štítky , , , . Můžete si uložit jeho odkaz mezi své oblíbené záložky.

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