Bez názvu (2009)

Další výherní příspěvek do SPUSA Writing Competition, téma: The Lessons You’ve Taught Me. Předešlý rok jsem vynechal, neboť jsem se asi nestrefil do tématu. Dané dílo se bohům žel někam ztratilo.

„Good afternoon, master. Do you have some time?“

A wise-looking old man turned from a bookshelf. There was a smile on his friendly face.

„Sure, apprentice… But what am I saying?“ He laughed shortly. „You’re like my own son. You have as much of my time as you want. So, what troubles you, my child?“

„I’m here to thank you, master.“

He frowned.

„For what? You don’t have to thank for anythi-“

„Yes, I do,“ I interrupted him. „I must thank you for all you’ve taught me since my childhood till now.“

„You really don’t have to,“ he said and patted my shoulder. „It was all only a matter of fact.“

„But anyway…“

„Well, if that is your wish. Go on then.“

I smiled at him.

„You taught me how to handle daggers correctly, right?“ -The only things you need are speed, dexterity and mostly self-confidence. With these, you are nearly unbeatable.

Master beckoned. „Sure, I did.“

„And you also taught me how to be a good spy.“ -You have only few companions when you’re on a mission. The greatest of them are silence and shadows. And also tops of buildings.

„Yes, it was me.“

„You taught me how important is self-control, too.“ -The art of controlling yourself will often be
the only thing that’ll save your life. If you’re chased by a big group of enemies it’ll depend on ever so little sound.

„Then you taught me how to hunt successfully.“ -The most important thing is that you mustn’t be all adrift, at all costs you mustn’t. All your moves must be perfectly well-considered. -When you chase someone in front of you, pay attention also on your back. -You mustn’t fall into a trap. Never! If you do, you’re doomed.

„Yes,“ he answered laconically.

„And you also taught me how to act when I perform my duty.“ -If you have that possibility, sneak to your victim as quietly as you can. It’s not absolutely necessary, but it saves you time and effort with the hunt. -Use the moment of surprise as much as you can, when your victim isn’t defenseless. It’s your only friend. -When you’re about to stab, aim wisely. You’ve got maximum of two hits for a completely successful mission. -And the last and most important thing, apprentice. Have no mercy…

My master was quiet and was watching me.

„All of that are lessons you’ve taught me, right?“

He smiled amiably.

„Yes, all of that. I’ve known it since the beginning that you’re predicted to be one of the best.“ The joy in his face was nearly tangible when he was about to hug me. „I am so proud of yo-“

My hand grabbed the dagger and stabbed the old man in a blink of an eye.

I watched his confused sight. On his mouth was an unspoken question: Why?

„That’s all the lessons you’ve taught me… And all of that isn’t right. This is my thanks, old man.“

I looked at him for the last time.

„Farewell,“ I said and…slashed.

Příspěvek byl publikován v rubrice Próza se štítky , , . Můžete si uložit jeho odkaz mezi své oblíbené záložky.

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